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Product Name : Conference Table
Product No : ET-863
Product Description

1. Table surface made of virgin HDPE material
※ HDPE is optimal of withstanding environmental damage among the raw plastic material as well as high strength, tensile, anti-strong impact and 100% HDPE.
2. Honeycombed designed in table back for structure reinforcement
3. Folding leg with safe lock (Foolproof security hasp)
4. Structural Mechanics designed for steady and robust
5. Light weight for moving of convenience
6. Square iron frame strengthen strength
7. Made in Taiwan


Product Introduction

Conference Table(ET-863)
1.  Material : HDPE (Recyclable)
2 . Size: L 180 X W 60 X H 75 CM  (± 1 cm)
3.  Safety hasp
4.  Weight : about 16 KGS( 15.48KG)
5.  Table surface made of virgin HDPE material.