Product Name : Replaceable waste Tank toilet(Squat type)
Product No : RTSQ-90
Product Description

Replaceable sewage Tank:Good mobility and easy to discharge a sewage tank without septic cleaner truck.

Well mobility:  this portable toilet can place anywhere. Especially, the septic  truck cannot arrive place or/and high building (construction)    

Environment-friendly product: HDPE which is recyclable material, and produce to other products.

Durable: it’s lasting to use, and Resistance UV, Antioxidant, abrasion-resistant, and resistance to chemicals.

Ventilation and draining design: Good ventilation, and keep floor dry

ECO-product: Save water resource and without electrification base on foot pump to flush.

Easy and simple assembly 

Product Introduction

Material: HDPE
Water Tank: 70 liters 

Replaceable Waste Tank: 90 liters
W:112 * H243 *D112cm (± 5 cm) 

Standard fittings

1. Replaceable Sewage tank including a cap 
2. Back Plank 
3. Tissue holder and Tray 
4. Urinal 
5. Squat Bedpan


 Optional fittings
1.Spare sewage tank including a cap 
2.Hand-washing Station