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Product Name : Drop type toilet ( without Flush)-Seat Type
Product No : DTSE-162
Product Description

Features of portable toilets

1. It is efficient to place at the location where lack of water resources or/and labor force.
.   Well mobility depends on light weight
.   Economical and environmental consciousness product (Eco-product) 
.   It has good ventilation and a comfortable space.
5.  UV resistance, Antioxidant, Anti-ageing / Abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistance
6.  Safe door latch
7.  Easy to clean and well drainage
8. Without flush pump(system)
9. Got Green Mark  ( friendly-environment)

Product Introduction

Specification :

Material: HDPE
Size : W112x D112 x H243 cm (± 5cm)
Sewage Tank:260 Liters


Standard fitting   Optional Fitting
Tissue holder & Tray    plastic Urinal