Product Name : Portable toilet(Single-ply) flush Squat type
Product No : SSQ-300
Product Description

1.Material: HDPE
2. It is efficient to place at the location where lack of water resources or/and labor force.
3. Well mobility depends on light weight
4. Environmental consciousness product (Eco-product)
5. It has good ventilation and a comfortable space.
6. Single-Layer Plank
 7.Safe door latch
8. Easy to clean and well drainage
9. Got Green Mark

Product Introduction

Portable Toilet Model No.:SSQ-300


W112 *H247 * D112 cm ± 5 cm

Water tank : 60 liters

Sewage tank: 300 liters

Material: HDPE


Standard Fittings Optional Fittings
1. Squat bedpan
2.Tissue holder & Tray     3.Urinal                                
1. Hand-Washing sink 
2.LED Light wheel (rolling)